Socio-economic monitoring of the life projects LBB and RLI

Associated persons Susanne Glatz-Jorde, Raphael Süßenbacher, Anna Kovarovics, Mike Huber, Ines Schäfer
Clients VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
Regions Austria, Germany
Year 2022

Nature conservation measures often have side effects or effects on the leisure behavior of visitors of natural open spaces. The task of E.C.O. is to measure this “human and river relationship” over the project years. in the two life projects. On the Danube and the River Inn measures to improve fish habitats are being implemented. This also makes some of the shore areas more attractive. For the investigation the ecosystem services of the river sections are discussed as a first step, then the current use and currently existing infrastructures are recorded using spatial analysis. The current significance of leisure use for the areas of action is determined using stakeholder interviews. In addition, a visitor survey is carried out on the river sections to determine attitudes towards renaturation measures. The results of the basic studies (2022 and 2023) will be compared with those after the end of the project.