Management plan Biosphere Reserve Nockberge

Associated persons Daniel Zollner, Michael Huber
Clients Biosphere Reserve Nockberge
Regions Austria
Year 2015

The management of the Biosphere Reserve Nockberge commissioned E.C.O. to prepare a management plan, which meets the official criteria of the UNESCO and provides a basis for strategic midterm planning. In several steps, the future goals of the Biosphere Reserve were worked out and developed. After the screening of existing planning documents, E.C.O. presented the guiding principles, targets and actions in a structure, coordinated to the main foci of the Biosphere Reserve. In three workshops, E.C.O. presented the worked out concept, the provided an opportunity for the participants to contribute the structure and contents. Finally, the results will be coordinated with experts and decision-making bodies and accorded with the results of the management process in the Biosphere Reserve Lungau.