Agro-ecological project Krappfeld

Associated persons Egger & Jungmeier OEG, Arge Krappfeld
Clients Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture & Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Watermanagement and Environment
Regions Austria
Year 1998

This is an implementation-oriented model study on the conception and planning of a cultural landscape programme in an agrarian, intensely used, inner-alpine, basin-shaped landscape by combining ecological, agro-economic and sociocultural aspects. Based on a survey of the basics and an implementation of ecological measures in farmland and grassland by way of trial, GIS modelling scenarios were developed, which serve as a basis for the development of a general principle and the implementation within a regional ÖPUL project. An expert committee under the direction of the President of the Club of Rome honoured this project as a “world project” for sustainability and presented it at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover.