Designation of Natura 2000 Sites in Carinthia (forests)

Associated persons Elisabeth Kreimer, Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients Provincial Government of Carinthia
Regions Austria
Year 2014

According to the opinion of the European Commission, Austria only insufficiently complied with the requirement to nominate and designate Natura 2000 sites. Consequently, also the Province of Carinthia is obliged to prepare a comprehensive list of sites of community importance (Sci) as required by European Directives. E.C.O. was commissioned to prepare a study on the four forest habitats, which require subsequent nominations in Carinthia. In a first step the range and area covered by individial forest habitats were modelled. This analysis of potential growth areas serves as a basis for assessing the distribution and potential hotspots with regards to these habitat types. The project is accompanied by frequent reflection of results and methodology within a steering group.