Options for the use of hay from the Karawanken/Karavanks

Associated persons Christian Keusch, Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients Arge NATURSCHUTZ Kärnten
Regions Austria
Year 2009

The Interreg project “Karavanks@Future.eu”, which was concluded in 2012, was implemented by 16 partners from Carinthia and Slovenia. The aim of the numerous project activities was to provide stimuli for the economy of the region. On behalf of the NATURSCHUTZ consortium, E.C.O. developed suggestions for the sustainable use of land areas in the portions of the Karawanken located in Carinthia. GIS-supported modelling of the meadows and grazing areas was used to survey the quantity and quality of these, and further options for use were sketched out. As well as animal feed, the examples cited included use in spa and wellness centres, as additives in the food industry, in the cosmetic sector, as biomass and fertilizer or as an insulating or building material.