Professional support for the restoration of damaged ecosystems in nature parks in Austria

Associated persons Anneliese Fuchs, Raphael Süßenbacher
Clients Association of Austrian Nature Parks (VNÖ)
Regions Austria
Year 2023

The Association of Nature Parks of Austria (VNÖ) intends to coordinate and realise implementation projects for the restoration of priority, impaired ecosystems within the framework of the project ‘Restoration of damaged ecosystems in nature parks of Austria’, funded by the Biodiversity Fund. The planned measures, which are implemented by 5 nature parks, aim at the restoration of wetlands and dry grasslands. E.C.O. has been commissioned to provide technical support for the implementation of the measures. E.C.O. will bring proposals for a pool of experts, with whom workshops and excursions will be carried out together with the nature park managers, in order to promote an exchange between experts and nature parks. In addition, a help line will be installed where nature park managers can ask questions that will then be forwarded to experts. E.C.O. acts as a hub here. The knowledge gained in the course of implementation (resulting from the implementation of measures, but also from the workshops, excursions and ongoing questions) will be processed in an online format for knowledge transfer.