Natura 2000 Management plan Gutschen

Associated persons Susanne Glatz-Jorde, Raphael Süßenbacher, Tobias Köstl, Daniel Wuttej
Clients Dederal State of Carinthia, Department Nature Conservation
Partners Arge NATURSCHUTZ, Martina Pöltl
Regions Austria
Year 2022

The Natura 2000 site Gutschen was nominated due to the occurrence of the rare moss species "three-man dwarf moss" (Mannia triandra). In order to ensure its continued existence, the province of Carinthia commissioned a management plan with the aim of classifying the current conservation status and formulating appropriate protective measures. In addition to the moss surveys, we examined the steep and inaccessible area with regard to biotopes and habitats, whereby we discovered further FFH-Habitats. Among other things, the forest itself turned out to be 9130 Asperula beech forest and the area also includes limestone rocks with crevice vegetation of the type 8210. Zoological investigations were carried out with regard to reptiles and amphibians, bats and bird species. In accordance with the Natura 2000 guidelines, profiles have been drawn up for representative protected assets, which classify the conservation status and formulate conservation objectives and corresponding protective measures. The landowners were informed, and the results of the surveys and the proposed measures were presented and coordinated. Financing options for future extensive forest management, which largely allow for natural dynamics, were presented. A joint moss excursion was organized.