Technical support for the preparation of two INTERREG applications in the three countries corner (Slovenia, Italy, Austria)

Associated persons Lisa Wolf, Ines Schäfer
Partners Dobratsch Nature Park, National Park Triglav, Nature Park Prealpi Giulie
Regions Austria, Italy
Year 2023

Project objective: Elaboration of an Interreg application within the INTERREG program 2021-2027 Slovenia-Austria and Italia-Austria. The overall goal of the INTERREG programme is to reduce territorial disparities in the cross-border region, drive (sustainable) change, and to use new development trends as opportunities by developing and/or increasing cooperation across national borders in specific areas. Starting from the Dobratsch Nature Park, the Triglav National Park and the Prealpi Giulie Nature Park, a project for each of the associated program tracks was elaborated and developed. In different workshops with the leading actors from nature conservation and tourism of the countries, a concept with visions for a sustainable development of the natural and cultural heritage of the border regions was developed. The close cooperation between nature conservation and tourism represents an important milestone for a long-term and sustainable development of the mentioned areas.