Method development for a remote sensing based habitat monitoring (Habitalp) in the Gesäuse National Park.

Associated persons E.C.O.: Kirchmeir & Posch, JR: Hirschmugl & Wack
Clients Gesäuse National Park
Partners Joanneum Research Graz
Regions Austria
Year 2022

For the Gesäuse National Park, a delineation of different habitats on the basis of aerial photographs at the times 1954, 2003 and 2013 has already been carried out in previous projects. The methodology used is based on the HABITALP mapping key, which was developed in an INTERREG project with other alpine national parks in 2003-2006. The available remote sensing data and analysis capabilities have evolved considerably since then. Together with Joanneum Research Graz, an implementation concept was developed in this project, which allows a continuation of the data richness with adapted methods in a cost-efficient way.

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