B.A.U.M. - Trees: All kinds of entrepreneurial opportunities

Associated persons Anneliese Fuchs
Clients Bionikum:austria and WOW Wunderwelten association
Partners University of Klagenfurt and engineering comnpany Hannes Kapeller
Regions Austria
Year 2023

The B.A.U.M. project deals with the valorisation of trees that have special growth forms. These are currently not used in forestry and are rather perceived as a burden. For this purpose, a consortium has been formed around the association bionikum:austria, which jointly pursues the goal of bringing this topic closer to children and young people.

Workshops in the fields of ecology, circular economy, bionics, product/furniture design and bionic design are offered jointly at 6 Carinthian schools (primary school, secondary school, higher technical school). Through an evaluation loop, the teaching materials are improved before being turned into educational videos for teachers and the interested public. Peer tutoring takes place between the higher technical school and secondary school students, who then pass on their knowledge to the primary school students.

E.C.O. is responsible for five workshops on forest ecology.