Further development of TBR MDD. Accompaniment of the pentalateral LIFE NAT project application process

Associated persons Lisa Wolf, Daniel Zollner, Michael Huber
Clients WWF Österreich, Bundesministerium für Landwirtschaft, Regionen und Tourismus
Regions Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia
Year 2021

E.C.O. supports the countries of the 5-country biosphere park - Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia - in the preparation of a LIFE application. The focus of the support lies in the coordination of the project management, the organisation of the partner network and the communication between them as well as the coordination with the EU and national decision makers. Thanks to the experience gained from past LIFE projects, E.C.O. is able to provide the client with professional support right from the start. The first step of the project phase is a document screening as well as the coordination and textual description of the work packages. At the same time, E.C.O. supports the countries in cost planning and takes care of a regular exchange within the framework of jour fixes.