Preparation of the nomination dossier for the extension of the existing World Heritage Beech Forests (2019/2020)

Associated persons Anna Kovarovics, Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland
Regions Bosnia - Herzegovina, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Montenegro, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia
Year 2020

The World Heritage Site "Ancient Beech Forests and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and other Regions of Europe" continues to grow. In this follow-up commission from the Federal Office for the Environment in Bern, we prepared the nomination dossier for the extension of the existing UNESCO World Heritage Beech Forests.

We organised a joint workshop for the voting between all candidates, set up a GIS platform and were responsible for editing the texts, graphics and maps.

The results of the voting and the feedback on the first draft of the dossier finally flowed into a comprehensive final report. The completed nomination dossier was submitted by Switzerland to UNESCO.