Buzzing in public spaces. Wild bee and insect hotels in Villach

Associated persons Elisabeth Wiegele, Susanne Glatz-Jorde
Clients Stadtgrün Villach
Partners FAB
Regions Austria
Year 2021

Within the framework of biodiversity-promoting measures implemented by Stadtgrün Villach, we developed an insect hotel for public spaces. A particular challenge was to create an aesthetically pleasing modular system. At the suggestion of the Nature Conservation Engineer course at the University of Applied Science, the project team followed a holistic approach.

The nesting aid is intended to encourage the citizens of Villach to design available open space (including private residences) in a manner inviting to wild bees, and to create flowered patches in areas in the vicinity of which the nesting aid can be placed. For this purpose, a brochure was produced that points out the target species and contains instructions for installation and filling. A prototype was built by the Villach Association for the Promotion of Work and Employment (FAB), where the elegant "building", which is attached purely by means of wooden joints, can also be purchased.