5-Country Biosphere Reserve: Virtual sustainable exchange workshop

Associated persons Lisa Wolf, Daniel Zollner, Anneliese Fuchs
Clients Regional management of South-Eastern Styria. Steirisches Vulkanland GmbH
Regions Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia
Year 2021

With an area of 13,000 hectares, UNESCO’s first 5-country biosphere reserve extends across Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. The water flowing down the rivers Mur, Drava and Danube is the connecting elements between the countries. Like the water in the park, communication on a social level is the link between the countries and is largely responsible for successful management. In order to strengthen this feeling of community and the common management of the Biosphere Reserve, E.C.O. organised an interactive virtual workshop with the decision-makers in the countries in order to stimulate a sustainable exchange and to compare the Unteres Murtal Management Plan with that of the other countries and thus to define common management goals. A folder in all the languages spoken in the Biosphere Reserve (Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian and German) as well as in English will summarise the results of the project.