Ecological construction site supervision – ASFINAG Service GmbH, establishment of replacement habitats for the loss of biotope areas in the Carinthian cadastral communities of Portendorf, Zinsdorf, Pubersdorf, Pakein and Thon

Associated persons Susanne Glatz-Jorde, Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients ASFINAG Service GmbH
Regions Austria
Year 2014

The ASFINAG Service GmbH received the permission under nature conservation law to establish replacement habitats as a compensatory measure for the loss of biotope areas. The replacement habitats were created as planned and are taken care of on a long-term basis. In the project, E.C.O. was responsible for the implementation of the preservation measures for a total of 13 replacement habitats. These measures included: wood removal, development of old-growth trees, control and maintenance of the amphibious guidance system in consultation with ARGE Naturschutz, cultivation of open, sunlit and fish-free spawning waters for the green toad, maintenance of a migration corridor for amphibians and small mammals, alien species management, development of nutrient-poor grasslands.