Bee nature trail for the market town and elementary school Arnoldstein Naturparkschule

Associated persons Anna Kovarovics, Lisa Schmied
Clients market town Arnoldstein
Regions Austria
Year 2019

Together with the elementary school Arnoldstein-Naturparkschule Dobratsch and the district association for beekeeping Villach-Land the market town Arnoldstein realises a bee nature trail on the expansion area of its graveyard. The school children developed the main topics for the nature trail themselves. E.C.O. was then asked to transform their ideas and concepts into a bee nature trail. The trail focuses on the bee as important insect for our ecosystem. The creative works of the children were incorporated into the design. Interactive elements on the displays attract visitors‘ attention and present information in an exciting way. Additionally, one bee, named ‚Mela‘, was chosen as a mascot and put on every display to accompany visitors through the nature trail. Mela’s look is based on the winning contribution from a drawing competition at school. For the display design we chose high-quality, weatherproof wood. We also arranged the path layout and display locations. On the last display, visitors find a wooden mail box which can be used by the teachers to store different bee-related materials like working sheets or colouring pictures for the children For the flower meadow we decided for an autochthonous Carinthian seed mixture which contains preferably plants that serve the bees as nourishment in the future.