Vegetation composition, natural regeneration, forest structure. Forest dynamics monitoring in the Gesäuse National Park

Associated persons Vanessa Berger, Hanns Kirchmeir, Tobias Köstl, Daniel Wuttej, Maxim Grigull
Clients Forest dynamics monitoring in the Gesäuse National Park
Regions Austria
Year 2019

Our forest ecosystems are characterised by a wide variety of natural and anthropogenic influences. Within the framework of this project, the forest dynamics of transformation processes in the Gesäuse National Park were surveyed. The forest monitoring carried out by E.C.O. is a follow-up survey of the monitoring areas from the years 2010-2012. The natural processes were evaluated on avalanche affected sites, bark beetle areas and windthrow areas. On the anthropogenic transformation areas, it was assessed how various management measures affect the development of vegetation and the forest structure, in order to be able to subsequently derive management recommendations. The development of these transformation areas will be assessed with regard to vegetation composition, natural regeneration and forest structure, which will be determined on the basis of the forest inventory methodology of the Gesäuse National Park. In addition, high-resolution UAV aerial photographs were taken to document the forest dynamics of these areas.