Let's go international. E.C.O. at the "Internationalisation Assistance" qualification and training programme

Associated persons Daniela Berger, Michael Jungmeier
Clients KWF - Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fond (Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund)
Regions Austria
Year 2019

E.C.O. has been active in international project landscapes for more than 10 years. The number of international projects continues to grow. With the growing number of partners, the diversity of stakeholders and requirements in specific local contexts, the complexity of our tasks also increases. In order to be prepared for new opportunities and challenges in international project work, E.C.O. participates in the education and training programme "Internationalisation assistence" of the Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund (KWF). In addition to valuable expert contributions, the programme offers a platform for the exchange of experience and information between the participating companies.