Urban nitrogen cycles. Stakeholder participation in the scientific discourse with the development of joint solutions

Associated persons Lisa Wolf, Michael Jungmeier
Clients Austria Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Regions Austria, China, Poland
Year 2019

Many people living and working in close distance characterize the opportunities of cities. This comes with nuisance and pollution, impacting the life quality of citizen. A common feature of many pollutants is that they contain the element nitrogen. Tracking these nitrogen compounds by creating “urban nitrogen budgets” allows to find pollution sources and remedies. Re-using materials instead of wasting it to the environment not only will improve immediate life quality of the population, but also protect the climate. Cities thus can care for their population as well as contribute to the sanity of the world. E.C.O is part of the project team and especially focused on discussing the scientific results with local stakeholders to develop practicable approaches and solutions to implement them in practice.

Further information: https://www.uncnet.org