Monitoring Concept 4.0. Pilot Study Natural Area Inventory-New in the Kalkalpen National Park.

Associated persons Vanessa Berger, Hanns Kirchmeir, Tobias Köstl, Daniel Wuttej
Clients Kalkalpen National Park
Regions Austria
Year 2018

The Kalkalpen National Park, in cooperation with E.C.O., reorganized the structure of the existing monitoring concept to ensure holistic, efficient and goal-oriented monitoring. The new natural environment inventory is part of the concept and combines methods from remote sensing and field surveys. In a pilot implementation, the procedure is evaluated in the field in a transect of about 4km². On inventory points, field data with information on vegetation, deadwood, single trees and hemeroby criteria are collected, additionally an extensive habitat mapping is implemented. After the field survey, habitat types will be extrapolated and further forest ecological data (canopy, stand height, tree species composition) will be derived from high-resolution remote sensing data in the bordering stands.