Landscape and Sustainable Land Management for mitigating land degradation and reducing poverty

Associated persons Michael Huber, Hanns Kirchmeir, Alexandra Joseph
Clients REC Caucasus, Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Regions Georgia
Year 2017

Land degradation and sustainable land management is a priority topic in Georgia. Thus, the Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus (REC Caucasus) is implementing a GEF-funded project on sustainable land management in Georgia. The overall objective of the project is to translate the integration of good Landscape and Sustainable Land Management (L-SLM) principles and practices into national policy and institutional frameworks to ensure the adoption of economically viable practices by rural communities. Within this project, pilot actions in selected Georgian municipalities should be implemented. E.C.O. was commissioned by REC Caucasus to support the development of 6 pilot (micro) project proposals applying L-SLM for mitigating land degradation and contributing to poverty reduction. The projects focuses on improving pasture productivity and grazing management, establishment of wind breaks, introduction of crop rotation systems and the establishment of orchards. In following steps, the projects will be implemented by REC Caucasus and will serve as demonstrations sites on how L-SLM can be implemented in a Georgian Context.