Future processes for the Alpenpark Karwendel

Associated persons Michael Jungmeier, Bernd Pfleger
Clients Alpenpark Karwendel (society)
Regions Austria
Year 2008

The Alpine Park Karwendel comprises the Tyrolean as well as the Bavarian part of the Karwendel massif. The newly founded Verein Alpenpark Karwendel aims at developing the region as a unique future space situated between the urban centres of Munich and Innsbruck. The implementation of this concept relies on the close cooperation between tourism, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection and educational facilities as well as trade and industry. In a series of workshops, joint goals and projects in the fields of environmental education, environmental protection and tourism will be drawn up. E.C.O. will function as the specialist advisor and moderator throughout this process. In addition, the mosaic-like structure of the region in question (landscape conservation areas, nature reserves, resting areas, Natura 2000, natural forest reserves) will be reviewed. Pilot projects and a brand development process are scheduled to begin in 2009.