Monitoring concept national park Kalkalpen

Associated persons Michael Huber
Clients Oberösterreichische Kalkalpen National Park
Regions Austria
Year 2017

In the course of the past two decades, the National Park Oberösterreichische Kalkalpen in Austria has collected an incredible dataset about its natural environment by means of different monitorings, projects or studies. This extensive dataset should now be subject to a major revision and evaluation to serve as a basis for a future target-oriented monitoring approach. Thus, E.C.O. was commissioned to carry out an in-depth analysis of existing monitoring programmes, analyze the data and develop one comprehensive monitoring system which shall guide the monitoring efforts in a more efficient and target-oriented way in future. Particular attention was paid to existing valuable datasets, existing policies, legal obligations and current objectives of the National Park. The monitoring plan was developed in close cooperation with all involved stakeholders and enables the national park to fulfill all its obligations in a very efficient manner