Zoning of the Lower Morawa biosphere reserve

Associated persons Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients Austrian Academy of Sciences
Regions Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Year 2009

The zoning of the Lower Morawa biosphere reserve in the Czech Republic needs to be repeated because the current zoning does not take the Seville Strategy into account. The new zoning is planned to be carried out in cooperation with the Wienerwald biosphere reserve. From 2003 to 2005, E.C.O. was much involved in the planning and zoning tasks for the Wienerwald biosphere reserve and this – together with of our experience in international projects – is why E.C.O. was invited to accompany the planning process of the Czech biosphere reserve. The main objective of this project is the production of a planning manual that can be used by the management of the biosphere reserve as a basis for zoning and is also suitable to be taken on by other biosphere reserves afterwards. The manual will be developed in the framework of a series of workshops in which the most important stakeholders from the region will take part.