Preparation of the nomination of the Wilderness Area Dürrenstein as part of the Serial World Heritage “Ancient Beech Forests of Europe”

Associated persons Hanns Kirchmeir, Anna Kovarovics
Clients Wilderness Area Dürrenstein
Regions Austria
Year 2014

The serial UNESCO World Heritage „Primeval Beechforests of the Carpathians“ in Slovakia and the Ukraine was inscribed on the World Heritage list in 2007. The integration of the “Ancient Beech Forests of Germany” as additional part was approved by the UNESCO in 2011. During the nomination process, the UNESCO commitee recommended to start a screening process in whole Europe, to identify, prepare and submit possible extension areas. Currently, areas in 11 European countries have been pre-selected (Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain). The wilderness area Dürrenstein is one of the most promising candidates for the application to the “Beech forests as joint Natural Heritage of Europe” in Austria. E.C.O. strategically and practically supports the management of the wilderness area in their submission process by developing a schedule, arguing the “Outstanding Universal Values”, proposing the zoning and preparing the submission to the UNESCO.