“Schwarze and Weiße Sulm rivers and Deutschlandsberger Klause” forestry plan brochures

Associated persons Elisabeth Kreimer, Tobias Köstl
Clients Office of the Styrian Provincial Government
Regions Austria
Year 2011

The Natura 2000 area Deutschlandsberger Klause (ESG 33) is a rocky valley which is dominated by forest communities. The Schwarze and Weiße Sulm rivers (ESG 3) together form another Natura 2000 area. The river course of the Schwarze Sulm constitutes the longest coherently preserved and natural flow of water in the central Alpine catchment area. Forestry plans for both Natura 2000 areas are already in existence. In order to reach the public better, these forestry or management plans have been processed in a brochure with lots of pictures which gives information about the essential types of living spaces in the two Natura 2000 areas and illustrates the measures taken for the conservation or improvement of the current ecological state.