The Dry Grasslands of Carinthia – Data Collection

Associated persons Christian Keusch, Hanns Kirchmeir, Stefan Lieb
Regions Austria
Year 2006

Both a quantitative and qualitative stocktaking of the ecologically extraordinarily valuable dry locations in Carinthia became necessary for managing the environment effectively. There had previously been no unified representation of the condition and extent of the dry grasslands, semi-dry grasslands and dry meadowland in Carinthia. E.C.O. is now working on an outline map of the dry grasslands in Carinthia, which is intended to make it possible to draw conclusions about their distribution, their ecological value and the extent to which they have been conserved or are jeopardized. The outline map will be used for developing protection measures and PR activities. In addition, it is intended to model the potential dry grasslands sites within the province of Carinthia for the creation of outline maps and an associated database.