The “Hirschbirne” - themed information points in the Pöllauer Tal Nature Park

Associated persons Elisabeth Kreimer, Anna Kovarovics, Daniel Zollner
Regions Austria
Year 2013

E.C.O. was commissioned to design a themed trail about the Hirschbirne, local variety of pear. In a participative process involving local actors, the decision was taken that instead of a themed trail, several themed information points should be designed, and that these would be looked after by various sponsors. Care was taken to prepare the information points in such a way that they could be visited by visitors as individual stations, but their content would be enhanced as much as possible by visiting the other stations too. Each themed information point consists of an interactive element and an information area, and thus appeals to a broad target group. In addition to the information at the stations, the station sponsors regularly offer programmes and guided tours; the visitors who take part in these can find out more about the special characteristics of the Hirschbirne.