Integrated Renaturation Plan for the Raba brook in the area of the provincial capital Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Associated persons Christian Keusch
Clients Departement of Environment of the city of Klagenfurt
Regions Austria
Year 2011

The water quality of the Raba brook in the east of Klagenfurt needs to be improved in line with the EU Water Framework Directive, and as a result measures need to be put in place for its renaturation. The variety of uses, its importance as an urban green corridor and the need for flood protection that is compatible with the conservation of nature mean that many interests have to be taken into account. Together with the offices of LWK and CCE Ziviltechniker, as part of this project a detailed survey was carried out of the current situation along the Raba brook, general principles for the Raba brook were compiled and measures were suggested for implementing these. E.C.O. was involved in particular in the survey and the evaluation of the current situation.