The Effects on the Regional Economy of the Natura 2000 Sites in Austria

Associated persons Michael Getzner, Sascha Jost & Michael Jungmeier
Clients WWF Austria; financed by the Austrian National Bank
Regions Austria
Year 1999

The goal of this research project was to identify and assess the quantitative and qualitative regional economic effects of establishing the Natura 2000 sites, and to derive conclusions and recommendations in terms of conservation, economic and regional political policies. By means of four selected model regions (Karwendel, Steinfeld, Verwall, Waldviertel), the study demonstrated that – with a small number of exceptions – the setting up of Natura 2000 protected areas is associated with at least small positive effects in terms of the effects on regional value creation and employment. The majority of the regions investigated were able to derive benefit from the setting up of the Natura 2000 sites. The recommendation arising from these findings in respect of conservation policy was that the instruments for information, compensation and support should be extended and adapted to the Natura 2000 project in respect of its significance for conservation policy.