Ecosystem services of the Austrian Federal Forestry Company - Phase I

Associated persons Michael Huber, Hanns Kirchmeir, Elisabeth Kreimer
Clients Austrian Federal Forestry Company
Regions Austria
Year 2014

Ecosystem services are direct or indirect contributions of ecosystems to the human well-being. As service or goods, they either directly or indirectly contribute the human economical, material, sanitary or psychical benefit. In a pilot phase, E.C.O. together with the Vienna University of Technology collects data on five ecosystem services of the properties of the Austrian Federal Forestry Company (ÖBf) and calculates their values: Biodiversity, erosion control, recreation, local climate regulation, water supply. The evaluation will enable a comprehensive presentation of the ecosystem services of the ÖBf and their contribution to the well-being of humans, the economy and the preservation of biodiversity in Austria.