Integrated development concept for Hochobir Mountain

Associated persons Hannes Hausherr, Michael Jungmeier, Gerhard Dullnig
Clients The communities of Eisenkappel, Sittersdorf, Gallizien, Zell-Pfarre; Financing: Office of the Carinthian Government, dept. 20 and INTERREG
Regions Austria
Year 1997

Fierce conflicts have recently broken out between the interests of nature protection (preservation of south-east Alpine endemics and rare biocoenoses), mountain farming (intensive grazing, clearing of mountain pine, expanding the network of trails) and usage for tourism purposes (high pressure of tourists, trail erosion). Interpretation of aerial pictures, digital elevation model and a detailed survey of vegetation, land use and tourist behaviour are the basis for a GIS-modelled analysis of variants for further development of this sensitive area. This analysis is the basis for comprehensive discussion between all the interests involved and affected. At the end of this process all the stakeholders should work together to develop a suitable programme of measures. The overall concept will be implemented within an INTERREG project lasting several years.