– Strategic development of the six Nature Parks in the Burgenland

Associated persons Daniel Zollner
Clients ARGE Naturparke Burgenland
Regions Austria, Hungary, Slovenia
Year 2015

E.C.O. was commissioned to implement in cooperation with Thomas Puch Consulting and convelop a workshop series called „Natur.Parke.Work.Shop“ in all of the six nature parks in the Burgenland. It is the main objective of the project to develop a differentiated joint vision for the next 10 years tailor-made to the individual needs and requirements of the nature park region. The concept „Natur.Parke.Work.Shop“ compromises several subsequents steps, which are being implemented separately in each of the six nature parks. Based on preliminary talks a first analysis of the status quo is carried out. Taking into account these results, E.C.O. an its partners prepare a a creative workshop aiming at the future development of the nature parks. In the following worksteps the results are being reflected and finally condensed for all six nature parks in a participatory process.