Feasability study fort he transboundary UNESCO-Geopark Karnische Alpen

Associated persons Daniel Zollner
Regions Austria, Italy
Year 2014

Within the project „ Grenzüberschreitende Strategie- und Kooperationsaufbau 2014-2020 (SMARTBORDERS 2020)“ E.C.O. carries out a feasibility study for the transboundary UNESCO-Geopark Karnische Alpen. Together with the ARGE Naturschutz, E.C.O. analyzes the state of the geo-touristical infrastructure and stakeholders in the Austrian and Italian part of the region. In several bilateral workshops, recommendations for actions, visions and development goals are worked out and suggestions for transboundary cooperation and organizational structures formulated. Finally, E.C.O. will turn the worked out recommendations into propositions for concrete measures.