Vegetation monitoring in the Hörfeldmoor Ramsar site

Associated persons Institut für angewandte Ökologie, E.C.O.: Gerhard Dullnig, Michael Jungmeier
Clients Assoziazion for Protection of Hörfeldmoor (Naturschutzverein Hörfeldmoor)
Regions Austria
Year 1999

In 1996, eight long-term observation areas were established in sensitive fenland areas of the Hörfelmoor (Styria/Carinthia). Following the principle of hierarchic monitoring, E.C.O. documents and analyses these areas with a view to the changes they undergo. The following types of vegetation are documented: litter meadow, fallow (with cultivation measures), litter meadow in use, quaking bog, willows, meadowsweet tall forb and sedge fen. With the first data collected, not only the developments but also the bandwidth of the “interference of methods” was determined. It is planned to continue the long-term observation in the coming years.