Monitoring Ramsar Region Hörfeld Moor

Associated persons Christian Keusch, Michael Jungmeier
Clients Provincial Government of Carinthia
Regions Austria
Year 2010

The Hörfeld Moor has been a nature conservation area since 1984 and has been identified as a Ramsar region since 1996. The Hörfeld Moor nature conservation association compiled a long-term management plan together with the nature conservation departments in Styria and Carinthia, which also included monitoring. The Hörfeld Moor monitoring project was started as long ago as 1996 in the context of the Hörfeld development concept, and was continued during the following years until 2004 by E.C.O. In 2010 monitoring was recommenced. Influencing factors such as structural measures, farming, tourism, nutrient input and the corresponding change to the moor (e.g. the water balance, eutrophication, use, indicator species, etc.) were intensively studied with the support of aerial photographs.