Addition to E.C.O.

Suddenly, the E.C.O. team receives strong reinforcements.

There has been an addition to E.C.O.’s nursery school, which has until now been attended by Hanna, Chrissi, Konstanze, Nick, Johanna, Lenni, Maja and Lea. Sonnhild and Hanna, our youngest team members, have arrived. They were born on 8th July and 20th July 2007 and are doing well. Upon their first visits, they participated loudly in the office happenings. However, at the present moment we do not yet expect their concrete support of our work.

The parents, Åsa & Clemens and Christina & Michl, are very happy.

We wish the new arrivals all the best. We contribute to the preservation of nature and an environment that is worth living in every day so we hope that our efforts will also be of benefit to Sonnhild and Hanna.

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