We proudly present: our yearbook 2020/2021

Looking back on 2021

Our yearbook chronicles our team, projects, events and other E.C.O.-related highlights.

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It is a cross section of our every day activities for nature conservation in the 21st century at home and abroad. These activities range from conservation measures in the Natura 2000 site Lendspitz-Maiernigg in Klagenfurt, over the UNESCO application for the transnational Drömling Biosphere reserve, to an evaluation and learning analysis for the International Union of Nature Conservation IUCN, to the measuring of Europe's old-growth forests, an exhibition concept on forest and climate change and several more.

It also shows this year's highlights and tells about our endeavours and further accomplishments as a team.

We thank our customers, partners and colleagues for the excellent cooperation in the past year and are looking forward to continuing it.

E.C.O.‘s projects, people, publications:
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We hope you enjoy it!

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