Neobiota in Carinthia

New member of staff has found a second home in Carinthia

Since February 2006 we have been able to count Mag. Christian Keusch as one of our staff. A trained biologist, he worked for a number of years at the University of Vienna before he found his way to us. He strengthens our team above all in the areas of vegetation ecology and web programming. This is in both our interests, as Christian sees “combining state of the art technology with the tried and tested processes of vegetation ecology” as one of the most fascinating tasks.

We are especially pleased that Christian’s family has now also followed him lock, stock and barrel to Carinthia. In September his partner Silvia, young daughter Lea, dog Pandu and 12 feathered friends (a brightly coloured flock of budgerigars and cockatiels) moved in to their new home in Nussberg. Christian worked long night shifts during the summer months to ensure that his nearest and dearest would feel good here.

“Despite this double load, Christian is always wide awake”, say his colleagues in amazement. Anyway, Christian enriches (not only) our office and we are glad that he has gone native and even wants to work where other people are on holiday.

A warm welcome to you!

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