GEO-Day of Nature

A magnifying glass on our native biodiversity!

For 24 hours, the Nock Mountains Biosphere Reserve became an Eldorado for natural scientists. Under the motto “Manmade – Fauna and Flora of Alpine meadows”, the Alpine region in Rosental – Schneegrube to Grögerle Nock/Pregatscharte and a part of the cultural landscape of the municipality Ebene Reichenau became the center of attention. Around 50 nature-loving experts and laymen (mycologists, moss specialists, botanists, ornithologists, coleopterists, ant specialists and arachnologists and many more) met on July 20 and 21, 2018 for the biggest European field research event in Nockstadl which has been organized by the GEO Magazine already in many locations in Europe. This year, botanists and mycologists could count 350 different plant species, 160 moss species, 115 different species of mushrooms. Zoologists identified 130 beetles and bugs, 77 spiders and harvestmen, 55 butterflies, 18 grasshoppers and cicadas, 17 snails, 15 ants and 30 other neglected insects. After this successful event, a curiosity about new areas of the biosphere reserve, remained. The decision that we will host next year’s GEO-Day of Nature in this area, is already made.

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